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How to Get the Most Out of Your Photo Booth Booking

Whether you are going for a company that specializes in providing services for high-end events or a cheap photo booth hire Brisbane that provides premium services for a fraction of what other companies charge, there are things that you can do to make sure that you really get your money’s worth from your photo booth booking.

That Photo Booth Rocks is an open air photo booth Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We are famous for being one of the most affordable yet one of the best providers of this service in this side of the country. Our roster of clients include Novotel, The University of Queensland, W Brisbane, Queensland Theater, Queensland Ballet, Benefit, among many others (this includes individuals who book us for their personal events, which we love being part of!).

Needless to say, we have been to quite a number of celebrations, and, that is why we’ve decided to write this article. As experts in the field we are in the right position to teach you how you can get the best out of our--or another company’s--services.

1. Book your time when you think guests will already be free to use the photo booth.

We’ve had a lot of clients make the mistake of booking our services at the time they expect their guests to arrive. While there’s nothing wrong with this, really, when your guests arrive, the first thing they would do is look for you to say hi before settling down. Before you know it, the program has already started and an hour has already passed by with no one using the photo booth.

Believe us when we say that regardless of the time we agree for service to start on a booking, we’d be ready by then. We always allocate enough time for ingress and have mastered the art of setting up our Brisbane photo booth. Talk to us, and let us know how you see your event unfolding so we can make things better for you and you can maximize the time we spend celebrating with you.

2. Have a professional design your event logo

That Photo Booth Rocks provides free inclusion of your event logo in the layout of printed photos as well as on the welcome and farewell screen of our booth. For maximum impact, make sure you have a really stunning logo that people will remember.

Oh! And if you want to, you can even have that logo printed on a cardboard and attached to the backdrop of your booth--just for extra wow! If you don’t know how to get in touch with a graphic designer or how much to pay them, worry not. We can have our graphic designers create your logo design for you at a very justifiable cost.

3. Bring your own props!

It goes without saying that we will provide props for you, but what we have on hand may not always be aligned with your theme. And while yes, we can go ahead and make custom props for you (at an affordable rate, of course!), really, it’s best if you just DIY them yourself. That way you are assured that your guests hold props that you really like. It also makes the photos more special and meaningful.

Oh and while we’re at it, did you know that you can bring your own backdrop too? If the options we provide do not go with the color scheme that you have, just ask us about the specifications of the backdrop, and we’ll gladly share it with you so you can prepare your own.

4. Hire an extra photographer!

At That Photo Booth Rocks, we offer the services of our professional event photographers at a very affordable rate (much like our cheap photo booth hire Brisbane). This way, you get professionally shot, high-res photos from different parts of your event that will complement the photos from your booth.

5. Give the staff a detailed brief

We will assign a staff to assist you with everything you need in relation to our Brisbane photo booth throughout your event. If there are individuals that you especially want to make sure will use the photo booth, or guests with special needs, please feel free to tell our staff about it so they can keep an eye on them. The same goes for dress codes and other details.

We hope that you learned a thing or two from this article. Remember, at That Photo Booth Rocks, we believe in the importance of empowering our clients with knowledge they can use to maximize the value of their booking.

Got questions? You may want to check out our FAQs or send us an email at You may also call 0412-471-25 if you have more questions. Our packages can be found here. You can connect with us on Faceboook and Instagram to stay updated about events and other announcements.

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