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Inexpensive Ways You Can Do to Turn Your Celebration into an Unforgettable Event

Did you know that there are cost efficient but highly effective things you can do to make your upcoming events more special, including hiring a cheap photo booth hire Brisbane!

Everyone loves a party. Whether it’s to celebrate a milestone in someone’s career or life, the arrival of a new product or even just for the heck of it, parties give us a reason to dress up, interact with people and just have a great time. Anyone can throw a party, but very few can throw really memorable ones--especially on a tight budget.

DIY-ing your way to get the result you want is easily the most affordable and creative route to take. But let’s face it--some things are best left to the experts, especially if it entails a lot of technical stuff. This is why we decided to come up with this blog post. We use our experience not just as photographers or Brisbane photo booth hire, but as event organisers, to help you come up with stunning celebrations that your guests will rave about in the years to come.

1. Play with lights

NEVER underestimate the effects of lights on your event. They basically set the mood for everything. Think about it. Outdoor night celebration--make it more cozy with string lights, or more romantic with a combination of string lights and fairy lights or candles. Organising an indoor function? Make certain elements pop up with the use of certain lighting techniques. Of course, the kind of lighting you’ll need will depend on your location and theme, so be sure to finalize these details first before you jump into planning your light design.

It is important to note that while you can most certainly DIY your lights for small events, bigger, more complicated ones will require the assistance of an expert (not just for aesthetic purposes, but for safety also). Regardless, lights are generally cheap and if you or your friends have some that are just lying around your houses, you can definitely use these to save more on cost.

2. Use cloths, glasswares, and plants

Not many people realize this, but really one of the cheapest ways to create decor is by using plants. There are courses out there that teach plant and flower arrangements, and once you have acquired this skill, you can easily take just about anything you can afford and make it look stunning. And if you’re thinking “Does it have to be big to be beautiful?” the answer is no. Try searching for “rustic event plant” on Pinterest or Google so you’ll have a better idea.

The type of cloth and glassware you will want to consider using are, of course, subjective to your taste and theme of the event. But they make really cute bases or accents. And they don’t necessarily have to match. Again, you can search online for more inspirations.

3. Get an open-air photobooth

Of course, we’d suggest this! We offer really really good services (don’t take our word for it--check out what our clients are saying) for a fraction of what other companies charge. That Photo Booth Rocks is an open air photo booth Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast (often mistaken as a wedding photo booth Brisbane, but we do all sorts of events!). Our packages go for as low as $599 and that comes complete with everything you’ll need to make your event truly unforgettable, including unlimited use of our open-air photo booth which does not limit the movement of your guests (and allows them to fit more people in every shot), touch screen display with custom welcome and goodbye messages, high-resolution copy of the images taken during the event, backdrop of your choice, and a staff that will assist you and your guests all throughout the duration of the hire.

4. Make the presentation of your drinks a priority

We don’t know about you, but based on our experience, during parties, people care less about the price tag on their drinks and more about how it looks and tastes like. Presentation is everything. Then comes taste. It’s of course best if you ask the help of a professional bartender or spirits supplier about these things, but so far, offering bottomless, properly chilled wine, and kegs of ice cold beer has never failed us.

5. Games! Games! Games!

Regardless if it’s a formal function or not, games are always a great way to keep guests entertained and interested in what is happening around them. Of course, it’s always fun to see your friends make a fool of themselves. But it’s more exciting if there are also prizes involved. And the prizes don’t have to be expensive. They just need to be appealing to your guests.

Regardless of the size of your celebration, you can make it more special with a little effort, creativity and resourcefulness. But do not allow yourself to be trapped with the desire to make your event perfect (chances are it will not be, and that is OK). What you need to focus on is appealing to the senses of your guests, making the entire experience fun for everyone, and having little details that show people that you really put a lot of thought into putting things together (really, an event theme photo booth Brisbane is perfect for this).

Got questions? Before sending us a message, you may want to check out our FAQs. You can also check out our packages here.

You may connect with us on Faceboook and Instagram to know more about our services and events. You can also give us a call at 0412-471-25 or shoot us an email at if you have more questions.

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